Bio Natures Naturolax Plain Isabgul Flavored Psyllium Husk Powder Natural Laxative 120 gm

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Each tea spoonful Naturolax powder contains 3.5gm or each container
contains 120gm psyllium/ Ispaghula husk.
The husk and seed of Plantago ovata is commonly known as psyllium or
ispaghula. Ispaghula has been used as laxative and many other ailments
of gastrointestinal tract since ancient time. As ispaghula possesses
demulcent and soothing properties for the gastric and intestinal mucosa
and hence effective in gastric irritation and ulceration. It also used
effectively for the treatment of chronic dysentery, diarrhea, IBS and piles.
Active Ingredients:
Ispaghula husk contains 70% water soluble and 30 insoluble polysaccharides.
Active ingredients are-hemicelluloses, Arabinose, Rhamnose, Galacturonic
acid units (arabinoxylans).
Mechanism of action:
The most of the Psyllium reach the caecum within four hours after
ingestion in anintact and highly polymerized form. Isphaghula increases
the stool volume significantly and soluble fiber wets & makes a lubricating
layer around the dry & hard stool. It eases and shortens gastrointestinal
transit time. Anaerobic fermentation of the soluble non-starch polysaccharides
from Psyllium seed results in the production of short-chain fatty acids,
acetate, propionate and butyrate in the intestine. Butyric acid is the
preferred oxidative substrate for colonocytes and may be helpful in the
treatment of ulcerative colitis.Ispaghula husk has significant role in
lowering high blood cholesterol. While isphagula husk is taken it forms a
complex bond with bile acid in the gut and prevents reabsorption of bile
salt from the gut hence bile acid is excreted with stools. Our liver continuously
produces bile acid from blood cholesterol to compensate the deficiency of
excreted bile acid. So regularly taking Ipaghula lowers excess blood
Constipation, piles, ulcerative colitis, IBS, hypercholesterolemia and
Diabetes. As Ispaghula lubricates & eases defecation it is being used in
condition of cracking of anal orifice, anal fissure, colorectal surgery, colon
cancer and during pregnancy.
Dosages & administration:
Adult: 1 spoonful (supplied) powder 2 to 3 times daily.
Children (6-12 years of age): ½-1 spoonful (supplied) powder 2 to 3
times daily. Below 6 years safety is not established.
Procedure of preparation:
Add 1 scoop powder with a glass of water/fruit juice (150-200ml) and stirred
for 5-10 seconds and take instantly or as directed by the physicians. For
getting better result take immediately after or before main meal.
Side effect:
No side effect has been observed in recommended dosage.
Naturolax is contraindicated to those patients who have intestinal obstruction, narrowing of GI tract, fecal compaction.
Drug interaction:
No known significant drug interaction has been observed with Naturolax. The
dose should be taken 30 t0 60 minutes before or after taking other medications.
Pregnancy & lactation:
Safe. No known adverse effect has been observed.
Cool & dry place and away from direct sunlight. Keep the medicine out of
the reach of children.
Commercial pack:
Each HDPE container 120gm Naturolax powder.

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Bio Natures Naturolax Plain Isabgul Flavored Psyllium Husk Powder Natural Laxative 120 gm

৳ 390.00

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